Biographical Information
Real Name: Brin
Designation: X5-734, 331280315734
Species: X5


Occupation: soldier
Status: Unknown
Age: 20
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Production Details
First appearance: Cold Comfort
Portrayed by: Nicole Bilderback

X5-734, or Brin, is one of the twelve X5s who successfully escaped from Manticore in 2009.


10 Years In HidingEdit

Nothing is known about what happened to Brin during her ten years on the run from Manticore. Zack had at some point found her and given her a number she was only ever to call in case of emergency.


Brin was chased down and captured by men she, and Zack, had assumed were Lydecker's men. She had been captured to be sold to someone wishing to use Manticore soldiers. While captive she began to age at a rapid rate. Max Guevara and Zack arrived to rescue her, and had managed. Driving away from the facility she was being held at, Brin wanted to go back to Manticore, only as a way to stay alive.


After Brin's return to Manticore she was re-indoctrinated and reintegrated as a Manticore soldier. They brainwashed her to become a one-track minded killing machine with the mission to find and capture, or kill, the rest of the escapees, who were labelled as traitors in the minds of those who hadn't been able to escape.

It was because of this brainwashing that Brin helped kidnap Tinga, something that Dr. Renfro requested be kept from Lydecker at all costs. During the X5s' assault on Manticore, Brin was handcuffed by Max to prevent her from interfering with the destruction of the DNA lab and being killed by the explosive. It is unknown what became of her following the final destruction of Manticore three months later.