Dalton X6-
Biographical Information
Species: Transgenic
Occupation: former Soldier
Status: alive
Character Information
Production Details
First appearance: Freak Nation
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Ballard


Dalton is an X6 who traveled with Gem to Seattle where they were rescued by Joshua and Mole. When a group of Ordinaries spotted them being "taken" by Anomalies, they were chased. Dalton, Gem, Joshua, and Mole took refuge inside Jam Pony along with Alec McDowell , Cece, Sketchy, Normal and Original Cindy. Max Guevara would arrive and she, Logan Cale, Alec, and Joshua would fight Ames White and the Breeding Cult while Gem gave birth.

They would later escape to Terminal City where they found refuge.

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