Dawg Day Afternoon
{{{season}}}, 18
Air date April 12, 2002
Written by Robert Doherty
Directed by Kenneth Biller
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Hello, Goodbye
She Ain't Heavy


The transgenics deal with the fallout from the public exposure of their existence in "Hello, Goodbye".

Max gives Alec forged documents that will clear him of the murders committed by Ben: a birth certificate proving he had a twin and travel papers that say he wasn't in the country when the murders happened.

People on the news are making anti-transgenic statements, including religious conservatives. Eyes Only makes a broadcast in support of the transgenics. Normal makes it clear at Jam Pony that he is anti-transgenic.

Joshua is depressed because he misses Annie. He runs into her again and is seen by a gang of street toughs, who chase them into the sewers because of Joshua's appearance. The sighting makes the news, reported as a kidnapping of a young woman by a transgenic, and the site is surrounded by authorities.

Alec and Max manage to extract Joshua. Before Annie can make her way back home through the sewer in the other direction, she runs into Ames White. Joshua, Max, and Alec are horrified to see a news report that Annie is dead and the murder is blamed on her "transgenic kidnapper". Joshua dissolves into tears while Alec and Max try to comfort him.


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  • Alec refers to Ben as his clone. This is technically incorrect, as the fertilized egg was coppied before they began to form, or even put into a surrogate-mother.

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