Biographical Information
Real Name: Gem
Designation: X5-
Species: X5


Occupation: Soldier
Status: Alive
Age: 23
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'8
Production Details
First appearance: Freak Nation
Portrayed by: Erin Karpluk

Gem is an X5 who escaped Manticore when Max Guevara destroyed the facility.


After Max, Zack, Syl, and Krit destroyed Manticore's DNA lab, X5s were paired as breeding partners to create more of the X-Series. Gem became pregnant by her breeding partner, but then Max destroyed Manticore. Gem and her breeding partner did not have a romantic relationship.

Battle with the Breeding CultEdit

Gem and an X6 named Dalton were rescued by Joshua and Mole after the caused a car accident and were discovered as trangenics. The four took refuge in Jam Pony. During the hold up Ames White called in Thula and the Conclave's warriors to take out X5-452. They attacked while Gem was in labour. She delivered her baby girl with the help of Normal and Original Cindy during the fighting, and named her Eve

Then, she along with Max, Alec, Joshua, Mole, Logan Cale, Dalton, Original Cindy, and Sketchy escaped to Terminal City.