Jam Pony
Biographical Information
Administration: Normal
Employees: Max Guevara

Alec McDowell
Cynthia McEachin
Herbal Thought

Location: Seattle
First appearance: Pilot

Jam Pony is the name of the small business where it's employees work as bicycle couriers under orders from Normal who leads their hard life. The place is rather poor and run down, and there is no job security.

Hostage Taking at Jam PonyEdit

At the end of the series, Joshua and Mole are helping two transgenics including a pregnant woman, Gem, reach Terminal City. Identified by authorities as transgenic beings, they have to hide somewhere and come to Jam Pony. Met with hostility and fear, they are forced to hold everyone hostage. Normal draws a weapon on them, forcing Alec and Cece to come to the rescue of Joshua and Mole, revealing themselves.

Ramon Clemente's police forces and Ames White's NSA agents surround the building. While Clemente, Max, and Logan Cale try to resolve the situation peacefully, White wants things to get as ugly as possible to turn the public against the transgenics once and for all. His snipers lie in wait during an attempt of the hostage takers to leave the building, and Cece is shot and killed.

White then goes in with The Phalanx, disguised as a SWAT team, and all-out battle erupts between Familiars and transgenics. Gem gives birth to a healthy baby girl in the midst of this, delivered by Normal who turns out to have good midwifery skills. Max and her friends prevail, though they decide against killing the Familiars because it would look to the media like they had killed human beings, although the Familiars had orders to kill both the transgenics and hostages to inflame public outcry. The transgenics steal the Phalanx's SWAT uniforms and escape to Terminal City, along with Sketchy and Original Cindy.

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