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Logan Cale, aka Eyes Only, is the heir to his family fortune, after the death of his parents.


Logan Cale was born on November 11, 1988. He grew up in a rich family that was unaffected by The Pulse partially because of his Uncle Jonas' involvement in the creation of Hover Drones. His Aunt Margo stole the locket that his mother had willed to him, until Max Guevara stole it back. He had once been engaged with a woman named Daphne, who may or may not be interested in women and attended Yale with Logan.

He was also married to an alcoholic woman named Valerie, whom he later divorced.

As Eyes Only[]

Logan is a cyber-journalist and hacktivist under the pseudonym of Eyes Only. He uses his knowledge of computer technology to bring down corrupt power brokers of the new millennium in a Post-Pulse United States. Logan hacks into television cable networks and delivers his scathing video messages, which usually last exactly 60 seconds and "cannot be traced and cannot be stopped". Logan often refers to Eyes Only in the third person, even when talking to people in the know.

Relationship with Max Guevara[]

Logan and Max develop a partnership and close friendship after Logan catches her trying to rob his apartment. She helps Logan take out the villain, and he helps her track down her fellow Manticore escapees. Their relationship begins to deepen after Max gives Logan a transfusion of her blood, which helps Logan temporarily regain the use of his legs. Unfortunately, the blood only helps for a short time before his immune system begins fighting off her blood.

When Logan believes Max to have died when they took out Manticore's DNA lab, he begins to spiral out of control. Max manages to escape, but knowing Max has contact with Eyes Only, Manticore had placed a virus in her blood that specifically targets Logan's DNA. The virus placed a strain on a strong budding relationship. After having touched Max by mistake, and nearly dying, Max distances herself even further from Logan by lying about being in a relationship with Alec McDowell

The series ends with Logan and Max hand in hand, though Logan and Max were both wearing protective gloves to prevent Max and the virus from touching Logan.


  • Is terrified of heights as mentioned in Heat (S1:E02).


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