Biographical Information
Species: Anomalies
Occupation: former Desert Ops Soldier
Status: Alive
Character Information
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Production Details
First appearance: She Ain't Heavy
Portrayed by: Brian Jensen


Mole is a transhuman created for desert warfare. He is able to speak English, unlike the other desert ops transhuman Max had met.

Mole was living in Terminal City when Joshua came around, and he wasn't too keen to let outsiders in, whether they were also Transgenics or not. He also objected to allowing Max to enter.

Mole and Joshua went out to bring Gem and Dalton to Terminal City, but when they were driving back their van gets hit by another vehicle, meaning they had to run on foot. After scaring off the drivers of the other vehicle the four ran to Jam Pony where they meet up with Alec, who pretends to be a hostage in order to get them away however they are already surrounded by sector police. whilst taking refuge in Jam Pony Max crashes through the window on a drone, after this they attempted to make a deal with the police to get a truck out of there but Ames White and his men launched an attack whilst they were leaving in order to escalate the situation (also killing Cece) so that they could send in their own team to kill everone. Mole and the others were able to fight and capture the team of familiars, and used their uniforms to sneak the transgenics out of Jam pony into a waiting van and ambulance to escape to Terminal City.

At the end of Season 2 Episode 21 Freak Nation Mole suggests that everyone in Terminal City should split into small groups and get out of the city before the police find them and they're surrounded, however he is finally convinced to stay when Max makes her speech and is last seen watching the flag raised on top of a building in Terminal City.

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