Biographical Information
Real Name: Reagan Ronald
Species: Human

Jam Pony

Occupation: Manager
Status: Alive
Character Information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Production Details
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: J.C. MacKenzie

Normal (a.k.a. Reagan Ronald) was the boss of Max Guevara.


A huge fan of the Great Communicator and other noted Republicans, dispatcher Normal is Max's boss at Jam Pony. He's a Type-A personality, constantly stressed out and always griping, bip-bip-bip! It's clear he's never adjusted well to life after the Pulse, and dreams of a world where messengers respect their occupation, not to mention their boss, packages are delivered on time.

Some say Normal fakes his "heart of stone", but truly and deeply feels for his rag-tag workers. Others believe he's a genuine creep. His real name is revealed as Reagan Ronald when busted on a blind date with a lady he is very attracted to, who used to be a man.

When rumors of transgenic beings begin to appear, he will be the first to revolt and want their death. He even makes a point of checking the neck of some of his employees. He does not know that Max Guevara and his protégé, Alec McDowell  are Manticore. He hero worships "Monty Cora" the cage wrestler which got Alec the job at Jam Pony.  When taken hostage at Jam Pony, he was shocked when Alec revealed himself as a transgenic.

He had a complete change of heart when he saw Gem, an X5 transgenic, in labor; and Original Cindy giving her bad advice. Normal knew proper midwifery (albeit from watching calving at his father's dairy farm), and provided valuable assistance in the delivery. After the transgenics beat the Breeding Cult's Phalanx in the climactic battle and aiding the birth of Gem's baby, Normal had a complete change of heart When asked by a news reporter about him aiding the birth of a transgenic baby, he smiled warmly and told the reporter what a beautiful baby girl she was. When asked if he thought the transgenics were all monsters, he answered "Monsters? No. No more than you or me."


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