Biographical Information
Real Name: Sam
Designation: X5-453
Species: X5


Occupation: Soldier (former)
Status: Alive
Age: 19

Max Guevara (twin)
Adopted Son (unnamed)

Interests: Husband (unnamed)
Character Information
Gender: Alive
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Production Details
First appearance: She Ain't Heavy
Portrayed by: Jessica Alba

X5-453, or "Sam", was an X5 created by the covert government program known as Manticore, and trained to be an assassin and a soldier. She had a husband and an adopted son. She was also the genetic clone of Max Guevara. Unlike, for example, Ben and Alec McDowell, Max and Sam were not completely genetically identical because Sam did not have the special modifications Sandeman made to Max's DNA, although they looked exactly alike.


She Ain't Heavy Edit

Sam was not inside the Manticore facility when her identical twin, Max Guevara destroyed the compound. Instead, Sam had been on a long-term mission dealing with industrial espionage. When she learned that Manticore had burned down, she thought she could live peacefully with her husband and his son, whom she had adopted. But Ames White found her and took her family hostage, prompting her to make contact with X5-452. She tracked 452 down and attacked, taking her to an abandoned warehouse to hand over to White, but Logan Cale arrived and stopped her. They forced White's men to meet at Terminal City and hand over Sam's family in exchange for White. Supported by the Manticore alumni who'd taken up residence in TC, they forced White back and got Sam and her family across the border to Canada.