Title Original Airdate Director Episode №
"Pilot" October 3, 2000 David Nutter 1 & 2 1x01 & 1x02
While delivering a package for Jam Pony Express, Max makes plans to break into a penthouse apartment to steal a few items to help finance her search for her Manticore "siblings."
"Heat" October 10, 2000 Michael Katleman 3 1x03
In return for Max's help in dealing with a smuggler trafficking in human cargo, Logan locates a woman who gave Max a ride after her escape from Manticore ten years earlier.
"Flushed" October 17, 2000 Terrence O'Hara 4 1x04
Believing Max is on drugs, Kendra and Original Cindy flush Max's tryptophan pills down the toilet unaware that without the medication Max will have seizures that could lead to her death.
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
October 31, 2000 Chris Long 5 1x05
Max comes to Sketchy's rescue after he loses a mobstar's money filled package. Meanwhile, Logan is approached by a young woman who wants him to locate her missing father.
"411 on the DL" November 14, 2000 Joe Ann Fogle 6 1x06
Max is convinced that the private detective she hired can reunite her with the leader, escapee, and best friend, Zack, just as Logan is convinced his ex-wife has suddenly changed her ways.
"Prodigy" November 21, 2000 David Jackson 7 1x07
Max, Logan and Lydecker get trapped in a hostage situation together when the genetic engineering conference they attend is taken over by a group of anti-genetic engineering terrorists.
"Cold Comfort" November 28, 2000 Jefery Levy 8 1x08
Max and Zack find themselves teaming up with Lydecker after one of their fellow X5 "siblings" is captured by a group hoping to sell Manticore technology to a foreign government.
"Blah Blah Woof Woof" December 12, 2000 Paul Shapiro 9 1x09
When Lydecker floods the city with wanted posters of Max, Max decides it would be best for everyone if she left Seattle- but then she learns Logan's medical condition has worsened.
"Out" January 9, 2001 Sarah Pia Anderson 10 1x10
While the gang at Jam Pony wonders if they should tell Normal his new love interest is a "he," not a "she," Logan is captured by a smuggler demanding to know the identity of Eyes Only.
"Red" January 16, 2001 Michael Katleman 11 1x11
After Logan sends Max to protect a man testifying against the Mayor, he realizes that the hit men Max is protecting the witness from are really Red Series super-soldiers after her.
"Art Attack" February 6, 2001 James Contner 12 1x12
While attending a wedding with Logan, Max receives a call from Original Cindy asking for help in straightening out a Jam Pony delivery mix-up which has put Normal's life on the line.
"Rising" February 13, 2001 Duane Clark 13 1x13
When the Red Series soldiers take Original Cindy hostage, Max risks her own life in order to save the life of her friend- even though it will force her to reveal her hidden past.
"The Kidz are Aiight" February 20, 2001 Jeff Woolnough 14 1x14
Recaptured by Lydecker, Zack is drugged in hopes that he'll reveal the location of the other X5 escapees. Then he's set free so he can make contact with an unsuspecting Max.
"Female Trouble" March 13, 2001 John Kretchmer 15 1x15
While investigating a woman doctor who is supposedly helping Logan regain the use of his legs, Max encounters one of the X5s who chose to remain behind during the Manticore breakout.
"Haven" March 27, 2001 Michael Rhodes 16 1x16
An investigation takes Max and Logan to a small town where Max's unexpected seizures leave the wheelchair-bound Logan to fight off an attack when a bunch of men try to kill them and a boy that has become close to Max.
"Shorties in Love" April 17, 2001 Paul Shapiro 17 1x17
Max becomes suspicious when Original Cindy's old girlfriend, Diamond, shows up after being paroled from prison and wants to rekindle their relationship.
"Pollo Loco" April 24, 2001 Thomas J. Wright 18 1x18
Max searches for a fellow X5 named Ben who has been tattooing his barcode onto the necks of his victims then ritualistically killing them and puling out their teeth for the 'blue lady'.
"I and I Am a Camera" May 1, 2001 Jeff Woolnough 19 1x19
Max and Logan team up with a crime fighter with super-human abilities(Rainn Wilson) when they investigate the mysterious deaths of several parolees.
"Hit a Sista Back" May 8, 2001 James Whitmore, Jr. 20 1x20
Max discovers Lydecker is the least of her worries when she and Zack try to rescue Tinga, a fellow X5 whose genetic makeup allows her to pass X5 traits on to her offspring.
"Meow" May 15, 2001 D.J. Caruso 21 1x21
Finding herself in heat again, Max doesn't dare show up for Logan's special anniversary dinner. When she finally does decide to tell Logan how she feels, Zack interrupts with news of Tinga.
"...And Jesus Brought a Casserole" May 22, 2001 Joe Ann Fogle 22 1x22
(Continued from Episode 21) Max holds a dead Tinga in her arms when Donald Lydecker and his troops storm in. However, Lydecker gets double-crossed and is on the run with Max. Max easily over powers him and gets his help in destroying the DNA lab at Manticore. During the escape from Manticore, Max gets shot and Zack get captured. Zack shoots himself in the head to provide an X5 donor heart for Max.


Role Actor
Max Guevara] Jessica Alba and Geneva Locke
Logan Cale Michael Weatherly
Herbal Thought Alimi Ballara
Kendra Maibaum Jennifer Blanc
Sketchy Richard Gunn
Normal J.C. MacKenzie
Original Cindy Valerie Rae Miller
Donald Lydecker John Savage


Role Actor
Zack William Gregory Lee and Chris Lazar
Brin Nicole Bilderback
Tinga Lisa Ann Cabasa
Matt Sung Bryon Mann
Bling Peter Bryant
Sandoval Fulvio Cecere
Sebastian Jade C. Bell
Madame X Nana Visitor
Col James McGinnis Robert Gossett
Dr. Sam Carr Brian Markinson
Dr. Beverly Shankar Rehka Sharma

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