"We never should've left. Everything made sense there."
"No. Nothing made sense there."

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Title Original Airdate Director Episode №
"Designate This" September 28, 2001 Jeff Woolnough 23 2x01
Once again a prisoner of Manticore, Max plans an escape with the help of her "breeding partner", Alec McDowell (Ben's twin), and a human-canine experimental creature named Joshua.
"Bag 'Em" October 5, 2001 Vern Gillum 24 2x02
Lydecker warns Logan to keep Max away from Manticore even as Max tracks down the young recruits who escaped the same night she caused Manticore's self-destruction.
"Proof of Purchase" October 12, 2001 Thomas J. Wright 25 2x03
As Alec is recaptured by Manticore and Joshua begins hunting for his "father," Lydecker seemingly disappears after discovering a secret archaeological dig at an Indian burial site.
"Radar Love" October 26, 2001 Jeff Woolnough 26 2x04
The episode starts off with Joshua finding his way to Max with his canine sense of smell. Asha Barlow says a couple of derogatory things about Max and the other transgenics. A mutant with a mutilated face and bleeding skin goes around in China Town, believed to be infecting people. He gets shot while saving a boy at a motel and, during an autopsy, is believed to be clean of any infecting agents. Asha gets caught while trying to illegally get through a sector checkpoint and is rescued by Max. Joshua stays at the Sandman's house to avoid getting seen in public. The infection is later determined to be an infection agent deployed through a hand-held fireworks launcher targeted at specific gene patterns. The plan to deploy an infection agent targeted at transgenics is foiled by Max and Logan.
"Boo" November 2, 2001 Les Landau 27 2x05
A night of Halloween trick-or-treating is the perfect cover-up for Joshua, who is delighted at the opportunity to get out of the house without attracting attention. Rafer and Max grow closer while encountering transgentic Manticore creations.
"Two" November 9, 2001 Allan Kroeker 28 2x06
Max has her hands full when Alec gets a job at Jam Pony in order to case potential robbery targets and Joshua's "man-dog" brother begins attacking and killing cops.
"Some Assembly Required" November 16, 2001 Nick Marck 29 2x07
Believing Zack killed himself when they were captured by Manticore, Max is shocked to see him on some security camera footage robbing a store with a group of Steelheads.
"Gill Girl" December 7, 2001 Bryan Spicer 30 2x08
Max, Alec and Logan do battle against Manticore clean-up operation head Ames White after a mysterious girl with gills is pulled out of the sea by a group of fishermen.
"Medium is the Message" December 14, 2001 Jeff Woolnough 31 2x09
Max and Logan discover that genetic breeding has gone on for generations after being contacted by a woman asking for help in finding her six-year-old son.
"Brainiac" January 11, 2002 Stephen Williams 32 2x10
While investigating the arrest of an S1W cell with the help of a Manticore escapee able to predict the future, Max begins to suspect Logan has fallen in love with Asha.
"The Berrisford Agenda" January 18, 2002 Thomas J. Wright 33 2x11
Alec goes with Max on a Jam Pony run and is stunned when they make a delivery to a mansion where he went undercover for Manticore- and ended up causing the death of a girl he loved.
"Borrowed Time" February 1, 2002 David Straiton 34 2x12
While Max is busy stealing Star Wars footage to pay for a cure that will allow her and Logan to be together, Joshua encounters the deadly Manticore creation called Gossamer.
"Harbor Lights" February 8, 2002 Kenneth Biller 35 2x13
Ames White closes in on Max after she stumbles into a police shoot-out and ends up in the hospital where the virus in her blood is detected.
"Love in Vein" March 8, 2002 David Grossman 36 2x14
While Alec secretly has Joshua deliver his Jam Pony packages, Max encounters a group of "Bloods" who are under the spell of a transgenic who makes them drink his blood.
"Fuhgeddaboudit" March 15, 2002 Morgan James Beggs 37 2x15
Max, Alec and Logan begin experiencing strange memory lapses (which are caused by a Manticore transgenic named Mia) while trying to get a mob accountant for a crime syndicate to rat on his boss.
"Exposure" March 22, 2002 Stephen Williams 38 2x16
Max and Logan finally trace Ames White's son to Brookridge Academy only to find him involved in a mysterious cult ceremony taking place in a temple on school grounds. At the same time Sketchy gets a job for the mutants magazine and is on the look out for mutants from Manticore, and Max and Alec are getting worried.
"Hello, Goodbye" April 5, 2002 Jeff Woolnough 39 2x17
While Joshua befriends a blind girl named Annie, Max struggles to deal with her overwhelming guilt when Logan nearly dies after unintentionally touching her. Meanwhile, Alec is arrested for a murder committed by his twin Ben.
"Dawg Day Afternoon" April 12, 2002 Kenneth Biller 40 2x18
With the television full of news reports about dangerous transgenics, a lonely Joshua is quickly spotted when he leaves his house in search of his friend Annie.
"She Ain't Heavy" April 19, 2002 Allan Kroeker 41 2x19
White uses Max's clone to track her down as increased tensions force Logan to flee from his apartment forever, Max to leave Seattle and Joshua to make his way to a place where transgenics don't have to hide - Terminal City.
"Love Among the Runes" April 26, 2002 James Whitmore, Jr. 42 2x20
As Logan sets up a new Eyes Only location in Joshua's old house, ancient writings appear on Max's arm, then quickly spread to cover her whole body.
"Freak Nation" May 3, 2002 James Cameron 43 2x21
The gang at Jam Pony find out Max and Alec are transgenics after a young X6 and a pregnant X5 take cover inside the building and an angry mob and police gather outside.
This is the series finale, as the show was cancelled afterwards by FOX and not renewed for a third season.


Role Actor
Max Guevara Jessica Alba
Logan Cale Michael Weatherly
Alec McDowell Jensen Ackles
Joshua Kevin Durand
Sketchy Richard Gunn
Normal J.C. MacKenzie
Ames White Martin Cummins
Original Cindy Valerie Rae Miller
Asha Barlow Ashley Scott


Role Actor
Zack William Gregory Lee
Matt Sung Bryon Mann
Madame X Nana Visitor
Dr. Sam Carr Brian Markinson
Otto Gottlieb Craig Veroni

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