Terminal City
Terminal City Flag
Biographical Information
Real Name: Terminal City
Location: Seattle
Affiliates: X series


First appearance: Freak Nation

Terminal City is a part of Seattle that is biohazardous to Ordinaries due to chemical and biological spills but safe for Transgenics.

Terminal City becomes the safe haven for all transgenics, though firstly for the Anomalies because the X series are capable of posing as humans, once the public is made aware of their existence and openly begins hunting and persecuting them.


Joshua created the flag that was erected once it was agreed to stay and make a stand against the humans and the Breeding Cult. The flag has a black stripe on the bottom, a red stripe in the middle, and a white stripe on top. In the middle of the black stripe, there is a barcode. In the middle of the flag, Joshua had painted a white dove, wings spread. According to Joshua, the black represents the darkness from which the Transgenics came. The red refers to the blood shed by them, and the white represents the light that they wish to enter.

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