Biographical Information
Real Name: Ting
Designation: X5-656, 331450074656
Species: X5


Occupation: baker
Status: Deceased
Age: 20

Jewel (twin sister)
Case Smith (son)

Interests: Charlie Smith (husband)
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'6
Production Details
First appearance: The Kidz are Aiight
Portrayed by: Lisa Ann Cabasa

X5-656, or Tinga, was one of the twelve X5s who successfully escaped Manticore in 2009. She was killed during an experiment Elizabeth Renfro had approved.


Tinga took the name Penny and married a man named Charlie Smith, with whom she had a son they named Case. As Penny, Tinga worked in a bakery. She told Case a bedtime story about a castle with an evil king (Lydecker) and twelve princes and princesses who were badly treated (the 12 escapees).

Location CompromisedEdit

When Tinga's location was compromised, Zack and Max came to Portland to help rescue her. She and Zack then travelled across the border into Canada where they were to stay in hiding.

Weeks later, Tinga learned that her husband had put out a missing ad for her on a milk carton, and she knew that it would lead Lydecker and Manticore to her family. She returned to Portland to help her family only to find Max already there. Along with Zack, they managed to escape Lydecker with Charlie and Case. Safely at Logan's apartment, Case came down with an illness and an unusual barcode appeared on his neck, this barcode was Lydecker's private phone number. A deal was made to have Case cured in exchange for Tinga. Once Tinga handed herself over, Brin called for troops to move in and capture Case and Max. Zack arrived and together they managed to fight off the guards.


After Tinga handed herself over, she was taken to a Manticore facility on Elizabeth Renfro's orders where she was placed in a tank and had tests run on her to find out how she had managed to pass the X-gene onto her son. Zack searched continuously for her, and when he finally found her location, he and Max went in to rescue her. Max found her in the tank, smashed it open, only to find Tinga already dead. Tinga's death was the betrayal that caused Lydecker to go on the run and help the other X5s.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The writer commentary for "Freak Nation" reveals that a twin of Tinga was planned to appear in Season Two, but the plans fell through. The Eyes Only Dossier reveals that Tinga did in fact have a twin, Jewel/X5-657