Transgenics is the term used by the Ordinaries for the X-series and the Anomalies. Transgenics originate from a secret genetic engineering program founded by Dr. Sandeman with the intention of finding a way to save the human race from The Coming, but taken over by the Committee and corrupted into a black-ops military project that evolved into Project Manticore.

After Ames White publically admitted the existance of Transgenics, humans began a crazed hunt to catch and kill all transgenics. The transgenics took refuge within Terminal City.

Known TransgenicsEdit

X5 seriesEdit

Name Designation
Zane X5-205
Jondy X5-210
Jack X5-417
Max X5-452
Sam X5-453
Krit X5-471
Ben X5-493
Alec X5-494
Zack X5-599
Tinga X5-656
Syl X5-701
Brin X5-734
Eva X5-766
Jace X5-798
Gem X5-???
Biggs X5-???
Cece X5-???
Seth X5-???
Vada X5-???
Kavi X5-???

X6 seriesEdit

Name Designation
Dalton X6-???
Bullet X6-787
Fixit X6-809
Zero X6-???
Ralph X6-???

X7 seriesEdit

X8 seriesEdit

Name Designation
Bugler X8-621

X9 SeriesEdit

Name Designation
Unknown X-9/34


Name Designation
Mia Unknown

IT Concentrate Edit

Name Designation Type
Brain/Brian Unknown Battle Processor


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