Young Max barcode tattoo

The X series are a series of Transgenics, specifically those that look entirely human.

All have barcodes on the back of their necks and most answer to their designation.

The X series was created by Manticore to be super soldiers.

There are known to be at least 9 X-series. Dr. Adriana Vertes has worked with X3's up to the preliminary stages of X7.


X1 seriesEdit

X2 seriesEdit

X3 seriesEdit

X4 seriesEdit

X5 seriesEdit

Name Designation
Max X5-452
Zack X5-599
Tinga X5-656
Brin X5-734
Ben X5-493
Syl X5-701
Krit X5-471
Jondy X5-210
Zane X5-205
Jace X5-798
Jack X5-417
Eva X5-766
Alec X5-494
Sam X5-453
Gem X5-???
Biggs X5-510
Cece X5-???
Seth X5-617
Vada X5-???
Kavi X5-???

X6 series Edit

  • Dalton - X6-???
  • Bullet - X6-787 - Was given his name by Max Guevara because he was shot when his group were ambushed during an attempt to return to those aligned with Manticore .
  • Fixit - X6-809 - Was given her name by Max Guevara in Season 2 because she could 'fix' everything. She showed this skill when she fixed a broken down truck.
  • Zero - X6-???
  • Ralph - X6-??? - Was named by Max Guevara because she vomited after watching a bullet being removed from Bullet's body.

X7 seriesEdit


X8 seriesEdit

Name Designation


X9 SeriesEdit

Name Designation
None X-9/34

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